Top 10 Digital Methods Explains How To Earn By Writing Blogs


Every day, millions of people visit millions of websites/webpages or on selective social media platforms to accumulate and share significant knowledge. Come to that, these numbers are increasing very rapidly in every moment. Nowadays, users don’t use the internet for search purposes only or for social gatherings. They use it for making money online through blogging with the help of the blog sites. While keeping it in mind they always use to search how to earn money by writing blogs.

How to make money blogging‘ is also the most searched keyword on the internet by bloggers but only a few of them have the proper knowledge about it. Here, my aim is to share the full-fledged knowledge about digital marketing methods to earn money online so you can start it asap.

So here is the list of 10 effective digital methods that can really help out to reveal how do bloggers earn money online from blogging. And yes, many bloggers already making very good money by using these methods explained below.

1. Google Adsense

Almost every blogger uses Google Adsense on their blogs by keeping in mind how can I earn money from blog because it is very easy to use and has a very familiar way to add to the blogs.

By copying the way of other bloggers who simply add the Google ads into their blogs, won’t give you lots of money. For this, you need to check out some cool earning secrets online which can give definitely give a boost to your earnings.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers who use this affiliate marketing method, are making a million dollars annually and people know them as a super affiliate marketer or guru of digital marketing.

If you also want to become an internet marketing guru then all you have to do is to choose the right affiliate program and correct method to promote the product or service on your webpage. The number of affiliate marketing programs are floating on the internet, choose it wisely to earn money like other successful bloggers.

After creating your niche site on the internet, try it to promote through paid advertising using Google AdWords or MSN AdCenter.

3. Product Selling

By this method, you can sell quality products and services to your blogs. It can be anything like e-books, online services, physical products or items. Believe me, if you get succeed in selling anything from your blog then you are the master of it.

But before selling anything on your blog, make sure the product or service is related to the blog or else you’ll face consequences for the same through search engine algorithms.

4. Selling Ad Space

You can simply sell some space of your blogs to the advertisers to make huge money online through blogging. You just need to increase more traffic on your website or blog. The more user traffic the more money you’ll earn from your blogs and will open more options to choose your favorite advertiser.

There are many online websites that help to sell ad space of your blog and you’ll immediately start earning monthly income from your advertisers or else you can create a separate page by placing a link into it for the ad space advertisement.

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5. Amazon Associate Program

Amazon associate program is one of the best programs to earn money online. It is free for bloggers and website owners to become a part of it by choosing this extraordinary associate program. On every single click on display ad from your blog, you will get some referral fee.

Rotation of product on each visit into your blog page can give you more revenue from this. It can be done by some fine useful plugins.

6. Pay Per Click Sites

Few online websites provide the facility to run their ads into your blog and due to this method, you can get a good amount of money online. It all depends on the user clicks on ads, the more clicks will make more money.

7. Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews or paid reviews is the term where the advertiser will come to your blog/website and will ask for paid advertising on your blog. The advertiser will always try to find the right blog or webpage by measuring the daily user traffic on this.

But always be careful while publishing the advertiser’s ad into your blog or webpage. One erroneous product or service ad can wipe out all your hard work.

8. Website Flipping

Website flipping is the way where you can sell your websites or blogs to others to make a profit on this. It all depends upon your user traffic. The more user traffic will give you the chance the earn more money by selling it the needy.

9. Donation Button

This is one of the best methods of making money online and can convert into an online earning blogpost. The catchy and full informatic content can help you to make money online from this method. By using some buttons like PayPal, you can ask your users for donations. If they really liked your content and get benefitted from it, will surely donate you some amount.

10. Membership Site Creation

Make your content worthy so that you can create a membership site easily. From this particular method, you can earn thousands of dollars but only if your content is as premium quality. Thousands of bloggers already charging like anything to get access to premium blogs by the method of a one-time payment or monthly subscription or even annually payment.

The above all 10 methods are really helpful and useful for those bloggers or beginners who eagerly want to boost their career in the digital marketing field. So, choose your best method to earn money online from today and stop asking yourself How To Make Money Online from Blogging.

How To Earn By Writing Blogs
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How To Earn By Writing Blogs
Here is the list of 10 effective digital methods that can really help out to reveal how do bloggers earn money online from blogging. Many bloggers already making very good money by using these methods.

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